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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Little boy

Among  the video i took this is my favorite he is very cute and adorable.  he was 16 Months on this video  such a good  bonding as a Mother and child when you have a little kid you have to enjoy the time day by day because they growing so fast, time flies fast you can see them grows quick we cannot turn back around. when he's a baby i took some memorable moment for him, like after shower,playing at the backyards, daddy's home bonding time.  going to the malls, and other things to do. my life is completely happy when he's born wonderful feeling when you have a baby and husband. I well not deny that for now our life has a big different without a daddy.  Long story if  I detailed here.  I can say Thankful for his good kindness and  bundle of memories.   just happy me and him, my kid. God and his daddy is watching us everyday.  Thank you lord for my angel.  take care of my honey 


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