Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get together and cook out

Last Sunday  my friends was coming over to the house  instead of we celebrate on Memorial day our get together we plan to have get together on Sunday because  we have  plan to do on Monday good idea we have nothing to do in Sunday which is perfect fortunately they come down to the house and we all having fun, Both our kids having fun, A friend of mine for long time since I came here  her kids are grown fast like a weds  I saw them  when they are babies  I remember I babysitter them when we used to live in other side of town and now they came over the two boys are getting big. Meanwhile we had a good conversation we eat, talk and laugh we talk about anything else  I am very lucky to have a friends like them they are so cool. Also I have other friends who visit us I meet her couple of years ago I am glad they came here to see us again  sorry  did not post the pic of the  chicken grilled and other grilled meet, honey was been busy cooking and preparing the food the only food I took a pic of  cupcake I made, I have a picture of pinoy food  I include the pancit this is the pic I have due to busy day I got only one plate Its better to have we have cook out in the house and the kids are swimming in the pool they enjoy it while us are talking we took tons of pictures I well post article on other blog about my friends and me and the kids too keep updated.

 Just poor the liquid brownie into the pan   Just go to walmart or somewhere cheap and pick yourself up a brownie sheet or pan. You can buy one for less than 10 bucks. I would know because I just did it  I am using glass that what I normally use.  here another I posted after a day I bought dessert cheese cake we did not go to cheese cake factory we only buy at wholesale store which is good I'm drolling on this dessert cake I am sure you guys too.
 I always use pyrex glass dish when I'm baking but definitely grease or spray it before adding the brownie glad it turns good kids love brownies yum yum

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wasabi Japanese food so delicious

Wasabi is a great food as  one of my top pick when it comes to eat outside.  Last Tuesday we order for take out and eat at home I had my ceremony on my Citizenship so eat at home for dinner in fact this is a treat from my sweet honey dovey Bf, it's my celebration because I grant my Naturalization for Citizen I now officially American Citizen thanks God for wonderful event in my life I was bless to have him in my life he make me very special he went to my ceremony even though he has to work at night he still time to go with me and celebrate it, Anyways we went over there and their happy about my accomplishment  fortunately they seat and witness my Oath taking, His friends was there and the wife too which is I am so great ful and lucky because they went to that event they off early at work just to go to my ceremony in this way my honey already tell them two days before the ceremony. In the mean time after the oath taking we went home and celebrate my citizen I was totally impressed there were many good foods oh so yummy I was drolling some of the food they order  from Wasabi are not familiar with me I think this is the time to enjoy this Japanese food. All I can say I am very happy and bless to have them in my life.

I have tried also to eat  sashimi Combo and  other Japanese food which is good so far its great food my son eat the chicken  with veggies he like it though  It was well worth because the food  are great, which were incredibly delicious bites that I easily could have made a meal  this restaurant is popular

and it is delicious  Japanese food is great even it is expensive, it is unique we barely eat wasabi its expensive I am very thankful to my honey for this great food.