Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Been  a while to check my blog because we been going out on vacation now I know it's behind but I dont have to worry about it because were back.  At this moment I would post some photos for my little snack I hope you would enjoy it. this is my homemade snack it's called in visayan puto or in other words sweet rice steaky.  ( english term)   I made it by myself  it is not copycat.

Puto are usually white and round and can vary greatly in size. It is usually served with grated coconuts. I bake these last week.
Puto is usually eaten as a snack a light meal or snack especially in the afternoon, but can also be eaten for breakfast with coffee or hot chocolate but it is best served with drink.  but this will required more work of the recipe. The best way to have flavored puto is to use essence which are also tinted to the color relative to the flavor like pandan essence flavor give you a light green puto and an ube essence and gives you a light purple puto. I am now back to the normal were i love exploring about cooking. as I knew my blog doesn't look very attractive but in  simple way i can post and create my cooking habit. although i make a lil money but i can only change the template of my blogs once if i have time. by this year perhaps  i buy a domain for this blog.  enjoy friends.

 And of course, adding food colouring can be added but still keep the original flavor.    The original puto that I know of, is made of soaked ground rice But there are now many variation of this recipe the type of rice used to the method of how it is prepared.  This one i made it by myself too i am just browsing the web and i found and print it. 

My Own Lumpia

Lumpia is the one of the most popular Appetizer recipes. I do really like This kind of appetizer because it is very good and crunchy. I learn cooking when I came here in the  U.S  Somewhat my cooking is not quitly perfect for everybody i made it good as much as i can.  Started when my mom in law telling me i need to buy a recipe book for learning cooking.  She is good in cooking when there's a family gathering like birthday or family picnic she was the one who prepared the food. I certainly surprise when my filipino friend was on the party my mom in law asking me if I can make a Lumpia recipe  then i said sure i make it. i stored a filipino foods in case if there's a special occasion i would cook it. it such a good feeling when i found out that my  parents in law loves to eat Lumpia. it was great party because they like my lumpia. lol. take note this is original not copyright. i made it.