Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Driver

Here we  go my little driver try to drive the big trucks one time we went to lake city  have a friend there. I ask my kid if he's going to drive a trucks and he said yes mom i want to drive that trucks one day IM  drive that trucks just like my dad he drives different kinds of trucks, and like my grandfather too that's what he said. I knew he's getting big. he is done on baby's stuffs.  I expose him to different place to be able to try anything, going to the lakes, and going to the place where the monster trucks is.  This photo was made last April it was very  nice to see different place, very pretty out there because people get
busy raising animals and taking care of their gardens.
I don't mine if I live there the only thing  different my kid
school is on the City  and we live also near by the school he's to small .
 to live in the country side. perhaps someday who knows
we live there and move in the country side. Do you like to live in the
Country place?

Friday, August 5, 2011

On my mind

I have Traveled on my mind for doing   a blogging   for two months   I bet i can  make enough effort  and make,make more money while my kid  off  school when the school started i still have time for these blogs. well, I get some other things to busy  going to school probably.   I make it patiently some of my friends doing these for many years  wish i can have my own  domain because i want to make on my own hometown  for my own domain.   for now could not afford it  have to look forward to make my entry more and more people well visit and i make money too. does it make sense?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pandesal bread

 The Bread of Salt (which is  the title of a popular bread,  This bread is the favorite  breakfast food of most Pilipino  (slang for Filipino) and can be eaten plain or with “filling." When IM taking a vacation in my country I  purchase these bread every morning I ate as my breakfast. and when i just got back here in America I seldom  to eat because could not find the good asian bakery.
In the Philippines, all bake shops and bakeries sell these bread Sometimes, this is sold in rolling stores usually a honking bicycle with a big box on the back When purchasing from bakery, be sure to be there before 8 am because the supply runs out after that time.
Just so you know, I love eating  after dipping it in hot coffee :) .