Wednesday, October 31, 2012

plenty of food

Filipinos are hospitality the fact that we really have a passion for food cooking We can celebrate different events such as birthdays, Christmas, fiesta and other memorable moments without preparing a something special for such occasions. Many of us admit that they consider eating as one of our hobbies, and one way to have a good bonding with our family and friends is to eat together in our favorite Filipino restaurant. So, it is not surprising that our forefathers created a lot of delicious and original cuisines that can't be found in any other side of this world.

The food below was happen last couple of days we went on the birtday party my friend invited me for her son's birthday i am glad that my kid likes it. I was impress of the food in the table because it was very good and delicious i am amazed of the food she prepared it turns good. she was prepared this birthday i mean plan before the day come she spend money just make the birthday memorable and happy it take a lot of works. few of the foods are cooking from her friend she pay somebody to cook the food. She don't have to cook because other than that she is really busy on that day for her guest and other stuffs to do. It went good. although i did not try the other foods because I've been busy watching the kids outside playing.  This is the food i miss  the cuisines. Of course, other than,Adobo. It is the most popular Filipino dish that is being loved to eat. i am glad she invite me. so much food.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Coleslow Vegetable

Cabbage has been called one of the world's most important vegetables. It is one of the most inexpensive vegetables, grows in poor soil, keeps for a relatively long time, and delivers a bounty of nutrients, including cancer-preventing chemicals. It is also very low in carbs. vital nutrient people typically obtain both through their diet and from bacteria living in the intestines. The version of vitamin K people get through their diet, known as phylloquinone, or vitamin K1, Comes from plants, according to the people who eat this type of vegetable. This nutrient allows your body to better form blood clots.  I eat this because it's good for our body not only low for carb. but it helps to get some energy. As it is essential in the production of two key enzymes the body uses in the clotting process. This is good for people who's in diet low of carb. Such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron for a variety of types and serving sizes. this is so much better for our a diet. take note not everyday
 to eat  this you can have an option on  how you  make your own diet.

dunkin donuts coffee

 I can smell the rich flavor and usually go pour a cup before the brewing is complete!  Coffee making process is smooth. One thing I notice Dunkin donut. It's  affordable you can  find this  affordable coffee somewhere in military store you can buy this but it's expensive in any other  store like walmart and They have military store here However you can purchase a grociery The idea to save a bucks is just use coupon have print it out and take it to the store. If you are a member in  military but if your not a member then you cant's buy.Good to know i can save more  bucks because it way cheaper. Went there once a month only if ever we need a plenty of grociery then I buy a whole  lot of groceries.  I like it there because you can  save it more.You cannot find this  coffee in other groceries one  thing i could  say find  it online and you figure  it out their groceries stuffs are  way cheaper than  any  other  brands  i guaranty you can save more. For military members  only. There's many ways to save money from your pocket just keep a coupon  save it in that way you can save it for buying stuff even not a military member.  Why won't you google. Exchange Military store.