Thursday, September 26, 2013

Special treat on birthday

Drinks Pinacolada
Flowers surprise when I woke up


take home Japanese food
Chef he cook our dinner with fire on it
ready to serve

That's so drolling yum.
Speaking of favorite food when you ask me what I answer is Japanese food nothing
can beat of their good food ever. We went to Japanese food during on my Birthday
we celebrate with my sweet boyfriend, and everybody else were four all together 
I never ask him for nothing on my special day what I want is simple birthday just
thank all the blessings I receive and that is all I wishes .People  having special occasion
on their birthday however myself good thing we can celebrate it in simple way or have
a dinner for our someone and family. 
 I was glad this year I had another special moment in
my life which is I couldn't forget something I consider it a huge change in myself
and my kid I receive many blessings, and gifts. First of all this year 2013 it has change
in my life,  On our special dinner were eating Japanese food which was very delish
although this food is cool because  the chef well cook the food in front of the guess they cook it by fire what a nice night for us I was laughing out loud while the chef  chopping the meat in hot
surface he make us laugh my kid is scared on the fire.  Suddenly the fire gets big quickly 
 It was a very wonderful night and surprise  birthday celebration ever thankful for all the
kindness and blessings on my birthday and in my life I always thanks for God.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A friend celebrate wedding anniversary

Letchon Pig 60 lbs
A friend of mine Celebrating their wedding anniversary last couple of weeks ago they order a Pig roast, Lechon in Tagalog word  Before that happen a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine in facebook posted a picture of Letchon pig I miss to eat it since I seen on his social network my friend  the guy is  my friend in facebook, when he saw the pig letchon he ask me where to order a pig letchon he is going to have a party they were celebrating  their wedding anniversary so he ask me to help him to find somebody to cook a pig one time I talking to my other  friend he's Filipino I figure out that hes son is cooking lechon  whoever has a party people well order it from him which is  I remember  my old  friend, who own a convenience  store,  Hes Filipino, right here in the  City good timing my American friend would like to order a letchon pig.

in other words my friend  which has a wedding anniversary need to order the Pig because they like it even though they are not Filipino they are still willing to taste Filipino Pig letchon so I surprise he posted a picture  from  facebook, My American friend, he share only in that way he let his friends to know that he is ready to have a Pig roast in his party they are American. To make the story fast were at the party I was totally amazed by the Letchon
its way big letchon ever its 60 lbs pig which is I say, wow to much meat  and delicious on it can you believe it
$340.00 cost when he order it was shock for me the prize just told him that's way expensive you did not ask for discount and reply,  if you are there maybe you can help me for discount  haha. I am thinking
if probably he could order a 40 or 50 lbs  pig might be cost for $250 something like that but
it does not matter for him the price, its his first time to order it. he said he was happy on their
wedding anniversary and  the letchon and other foods are delicious and crispy
extremely happy when we get home I have many foods to bring with me include the Letchon
super happy with his party as well. I am glad we meet this couple they are kind also just one picture
I post, some other picture next time because left on grandparents house the Ipod