Friday, December 30, 2011

Boot Jeans( Women)

Medium Wash Curvy Core Bootcut Jean - Aéropostale®Dark Wash Core Bootcut Jean - Aéropostale®

This is the jeans that fits me both length and waist I want something that sexy on my hips down to the legs its good looking your more sexy if the top also is match with the jeans. I have 2 different sizes because sometime when  I get size 1 its not tight enough much better I have 2 sizes  when I inter the fitting room I could have finalize the best jeans  that fit one for me. I could say IM totally addicted with jeans because comfortable to wear anywhere. how about you do you have a favorite jeans?  check it out there website.

         Colored Denim Ultra Skinny Jean - Aéropostale®

Patch Pocket Dark Wash Flare Jean - Aéropostale®Medium Vintage Wash Flare Jean - Aéropostale®           Medium Wash Curvy Core Bootcut Jean - Aéropostale®

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crispy Pata and Authentic Foods

I lazy to cook because my time is always in a  hurry. I try myself to manage my time between computer works, household works and everything else its hard when you live by yourself not unlike that when your married you don't worry anything else because there's your hubby would helping for the responsibility at least you have someone to taking care of the other stuffs. but that's part of being grown up single, married or whatever you have to do what to do I think I agree married Single or widow it's the same thing you gotta works together in order both individual can works out.   Anyways I give example of my favorite foods that even here in America I am still missed  to taste.  I used to cook this but not now to bad.   This is so yummy enjoy.  :D

    Crispy Pata Recipe,  No Picture

    Front hind or leg of a pig

1 bottle of soda (7Up or sprite

  1 tablespoon of salt

  2 tablespoons (fish sauce)

   1/2 tablespoon baking soda

  1 tablespoon of monosodium glutamate

  4 tablespoons of flour

  Enough oil for deep frying

  Enough water for boiling

lechon roasted pig Philippines
My fav.  Lechon pig roast

The lechon pig roast  very yummy.

Kaldereta spanish word. Engredients

 Burger in Olive Oil and Butter Sauce
Chicken Fingers
Dice Chicken with Cashew. I can make this
Dessert, Cheese Cake
Lumpia, yummy.
Snack its called puto or Rice Mix