Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Little boy

Among  the video i took this is my favorite he is very cute and adorable.  he was 16 Months on this video  such a good  bonding as a Mother and child when you have a little kid you have to enjoy the time day by day because they growing so fast, time flies fast you can see them grows quick we cannot turn back around. when he's a baby i took some memorable moment for him, like after shower,playing at the backyards, daddy's home bonding time.  going to the malls, and other things to do. my life is completely happy when he's born wonderful feeling when you have a baby and husband. I well not deny that for now our life has a big different without a daddy.  Long story if  I detailed here.  I can say Thankful for his good kindness and  bundle of memories.   just happy me and him, my kid. God and his daddy is watching us everyday.  Thank you lord for my angel.  take care of my honey 


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 would have a different a scrapbooks   Each one of us has a scrapbook this remain  for a lifetime memory that would tell our story to the future generation. people were gone, a good idea that i made a scrapbook for my kid. when  he gets big enough he can see that i made these for him. just my family they lost their   old pictures and important things.   just wanna keep it sake and put in proper place it won 't be fade because when you takecare your good  stuffs  you can still see and recall the happiest moment with your generation and  family. IM  meticulous regarding  my personal things like pictures and other important things. what about you did you have scrapbook?

Being Mama

And how many times  have  you, as a parents? Someday, when my child are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a mother,  I'll tell her/ him ,have you, as a parent, resisted the urge to tell them how much you love him or her. I feel hurt when our child stumble, hurt and fail. I am a Mother and father of my child very hardest part of my life. as IM posting my handwritten about him i couldn't  imagine these is going to be happen in my entire life I become a single mom to him, very challenging, happy, grumpy,mad,sad, lonely, i would say, is everything, big responsibility for him. came up on my mind sometimes he need a big man in our life to discipline him, Although i discipline him but kind  different if there is a big man in the house. well, only praying  the answer  if god sent me  a man.  we can't hold our destiny. life  has many directions and surprise, might be I'll be alone or what.  (:-/ )  many things happen in life. I not picky for looking someone  i only capable to meet my man if he accepted my past, present and the future.  I always pray  from god, his my Saviour.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trucks Collection

 My kid trucks collections, When he was a baby, he playing baby stuffs but now hes playing like a big boy.he  is such a super fanatic of monster truck whenever we went to the mall or store he keep saying he likes the monster truck because he sew it on TV. I purchase a monster truck but not really often only if i have a budget. he's got a friend, or cousins who like collecting this kind of stuffs guess  he like collecting  now. I notice to my kid he started fanatic fan  when I browsing the computer then  he sew on the video. after that  he was  started watch  in the video. almost everyday he watch the video,  The monster trucks. this is a good way also, hes a kid i want him to enjoy playing and collecting this kind of stuffs. he is  growing up fast. i love my only kid, i want him to enjoy life while his little and play the toys that he likes. in my time before i was younger i never spoiled  toys by my aunts or cousins could not afford to buy these stuffs. my kid is very lucky he has many cousins and friends to give him a toys,  Someday I take him in downtown to watch the live show for monster truck he'll be happy to see in live. IM having fun to see him while watching those videos. look on the pictures what he did.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Super Yummy

My  Kinilaw

So delicious my fav.

Been  a While I did not taste these Filipino food, these is our main favorite recipe   After  two years  i should   taste now,   I usually go to Asian market but i never seen a fresh seafood in Asian market.

  I found this in  American store delicious. is like sushi but tastes even better, it is consist of raw fish  mixed with vinegar and other ingredients.  The most important thing in this recipe is to make sure that you will use lime

 juice or other ingredients. is a Filipino way of cooking . They both rely on the sour  of lime, lemon or vinegar to cook the raw Fish.

  the taste of this dish depends on the Freshness of the Fish.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Vacation

 My kid first vacation in the Philippines he's about  6 month old. very happy and memorable days in our life hes the only grandson in our family.  we  took a vacation every 2 years.   I used to travel by) (myself) even  i would say  sometimes it's hard but i used to get now there are many things to learn when you travel by yourself,  at first your very nervous and anxious you don't know where you go as long as you know how to read and understand the people you ask. there's  no scared. be Independent by yourself and  be   pray. I miss my Homeland, someday when we come back and visit again, it's emotional and exciting, only me and my little kid. there's missing you know what i mean.

my step son and girlfriend

cousin and my kid

his grandma,
my family in philippines

Just Us

Our Pic. My hubby took it.
This is very Memorable moment for us. the  date on the pictures was not right photos was made by 2008  my kid is two years old on this photo, Was everybody is here my hubby is my photographer it's family dinner actually  were on the porch standing by and waiting for our order this is our favorite Restaurant it is closer by the beach.  The Name is SunDollar Restaurant which is very nice, peaceful and The Host or Waitress are friendly This is cool Restaurant while you ordering your Meal You can see the Big Ship, Boat,  passing by at this area. People who get fishing with their family  it's nice to eat here once in a while.  The Food here are expensive but it is really good and delicious.  Actually we had a get together specially if someone has a birthday they held it here. their family is growing and growing every year when they got a party  could not remember the nieces, or great nieces because i seldom to see them. they live quit far away.anyways nice to remember the people who's been part of your life.

my Partner

My driver, This is my old Car he want to drive as well