Friday, July 12, 2013

Wok in Roll food

This is a good  recipe with a simple marinade, which is perhaps its good for lazy cooker  shall I say easy to cook I was cooking couple of months ago Teriyaki pork the result was good as it is a bit of spicy but delicious. This time the photo below is mine its Name WoknRoll  restaurant the Name of the Restaurant which is really good and super delicious they have many orders over the phone and also at their restaurant normally we went there to order  this  Teriyaki chicken and rice, We go there and order also French fries, fried scallop and  egg drop soup after a couple of minutes have to pick it up were so hungry supposed to be I am going to cook but the good day turns not good feel don't cook because that day I have appointment and I have another appointment  on afternoon.  Just visit the web and you find their great food woknroll You’ll probably have to cook these in batches, by skillet pan  as I did. unless you have an outdoor grill, then use that. If using a grill pan, don’t clean it between batches the juices will collect after each cooking and darken the chicken  it is really good promise. Me My son were like say oh this so delicious can't believe he like Chicken teriyaki now used to be he like the pork but now on he has two favorite.