Friday, September 28, 2012

The Benefits of orange is good for skin

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Oranges, a part from being delicious and affordable, it's also exceptionally nutritious. There is a reason  why the first meal of the day is combined with a glass of fresh orange juice. The reason is simple, the amount of calories in an orange are extremely low, while its nourishment value is very high. They are rich in amino acids, folic acid, pectin, flavonoids, and most importantly, it contains a galore of antioxidants which is excellent for the skin. Most of us never gave the orange peel much consideration, which is why it always found its way into the trash. However, when these peels are mashed and made into a paste, it can work wonders for our skin. The advantages of oranges are not limited to simply consuming it. The entire fruit in its totality is a reservoir of nutrition and has its own medicinal, much like lemon. These are the fruit i like they have more vitamens and minerals too.

usually mix LaCroix  fresh juice to give it some flavor and to clean out my fruit drawer mandarin the oranges  might be too sour for eating but perfect squeezed into a drink. When I don’t have the time or the fruit on hand, Normally when i get shopping for grocery I have to make sure i have  to buy a fruits because my kid loves fruit, like berries, orange, apple, strawberry.  I have buy grocery once a week oh my gosh just 2 person is expensive ha. it is true food is important because that's our daily routine to eat. somehow now a days economy is still struggling the food is getting expensive too we well smart when it comes to the food.  The only thing we keep in mind we still eat a good food and our body needs nutrients.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Special Day

Wine  and he got a beer. lol

Steak with mash Potatoes added with wine, soy sauce and Mushroom. our
special Dinner

 before we  went out for dinner, I noticed that he has something on the back door and it was a bouquet of flowers was a trail of rose petals. When I  see it and i surprise and  I discovered that the table has many present was surprised of what i see. Pink my favorite color.  was a lovely birthday present. The Spa,  nails and pedicure, A certificate gift . He give something  also a nice cool greetings cards with a huge bouquet of roses.  How thankful i am he did this.  My birthday is very memorable because it's also anniversary of New york Tragedy.  911 is my officials birthday we celebrate  3 days before my birthday because he has to works during the week. good thing we do this so have a time to spend and going to see his friend too. we have enought time to celebrate because he has to work during the day.It's wonderful birthday i had. Now i am happy  more the fact that we like each other company. happy birthday to me again.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cherish the good things


My son with his cousin. he' about 6 months old

that's my Wedding day. She is a flower girl

that's her now teenager

This picture below is my kid's cousin and that baby she holding is my son. it was taken 5 years ago.  At our old house.  can't exit the time runs quickly They both growing up so fast. Couldn't imagine to see her now she's look like a young lady.  My kid couldn't  forget the old house and old memories we used to lived. Whenever he misses her we went over there visit and spend for a little  while in this way he still a big part of thier family.  I cried when i remember the time. Now she is taller than me. this pictures is memorable for me because when he was a baby, his cousin  visiting him almost everyday he is a sweet and  friendly have been living here for a yrs. Respectively. her mother has 2 kids   but she cares for and their grandma. I always give a time to see his relatives because it a big factor in his life and my life too. Eventually during that time we always have a chance to see each other like family gathering, let say's cooking out, or special event  i see them often. but then months added months or years and year past. Time also is change i can figure out that people are change who is become part of our life. I admit now that is part of our life people can go and left. just cherish the good things happen in our lived.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

We called malunggay

Asian countries like India or philippines. In English, it is sometimes called referred to as horseradish leaf or horseradish plant, although it's a different species from the horseradish that Westerns. The tree grows fast and survives well in drought conditions.  Last week i cook this because i miss to
eat filipino food especially the horseradish leaf wow i  never knew that the name of this green tree is horseradish leaf  because as you can see the root is green and also the leaf. To many filipino missed this type of stuffs. In order for you to buy this you have to go to the asian store or nearby store, and you can find it.

My breakfast. Malunggay with fish. super yummy. To all who didin't knew this. don't eat. LOL.

Malunggay leaves are popularly used in Filipino soups and broths especially tinola. The leaves are said to increase lactation in nursing mothers. Filipinos like to say that malunggay is the most nutritious plant in the world.” It is rich in vitamins A and C and iron. A study recently found that malunggay increases sperm count in men.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo literally translated as warm rice is a type of congee  or lugaw in Visayan. that closely resembles the risotto. Though this dish is of Chinese origin, the new name was actually given by the Spanish because of pronounciation issues. this is my breakfast today i get an idea what comes on my mind was something different until i keep looking on the web and found this Arroz caldo rice. there are many type of Arroz caldo rice. some other Arroz caldo is mixing with mustroom, onions, fish sauce, chicken bouillon, safflower and many more but for me just an easy steps because i was hungry,lol. 

This lugaw is usually served during breakfast. I remember seeing several well-little carts complete with chairs and tables along Ermita a major road in Manila serving this congee  and lugaw. Several tapsilogan and karinderya also carry this in their daily menu. Arroz Caldo is also one of the favorite food of Filipino it serve for breakfast. 366 BPC