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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Benefits of orange is good for skin

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Oranges, a part from being delicious and affordable, it's also exceptionally nutritious. There is a reason  why the first meal of the day is combined with a glass of fresh orange juice. The reason is simple, the amount of calories in an orange are extremely low, while its nourishment value is very high. They are rich in amino acids, folic acid, pectin, flavonoids, and most importantly, it contains a galore of antioxidants which is excellent for the skin. Most of us never gave the orange peel much consideration, which is why it always found its way into the trash. However, when these peels are mashed and made into a paste, it can work wonders for our skin. The advantages of oranges are not limited to simply consuming it. The entire fruit in its totality is a reservoir of nutrition and has its own medicinal, much like lemon. These are the fruit i like they have more vitamens and minerals too.

usually mix LaCroix  fresh juice to give it some flavor and to clean out my fruit drawer mandarin the oranges  might be too sour for eating but perfect squeezed into a drink. When I don’t have the time or the fruit on hand, Normally when i get shopping for grocery I have to make sure i have  to buy a fruits because my kid loves fruit, like berries, orange, apple, strawberry.  I have buy grocery once a week oh my gosh just 2 person is expensive ha. it is true food is important because that's our daily routine to eat. somehow now a days economy is still struggling the food is getting expensive too we well smart when it comes to the food.  The only thing we keep in mind we still eat a good food and our body needs nutrients.


  1. i so agree... we need vitamin C

    i love orange but i get lazy fixing them.... i love tangerines too, we pick fresh from our neighbors tree

  2. I love to drink orange in the morning :-) Momi Marie, I like your new pretty :-)

  3. Ah this is a great tips/information. I like orange a fresh one not the juice from the bottle...:)

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  4. Yes. I agree and apparently, a glass of orange juice a day helps us look younger and prettier? Oh my, I stocked gallons in my fridge haha. Squeeze orange juice that is. It's always fresh and not concentrate.

  5. I love oranges! I love them fresh but i didnt know that it is that healthy!

  6. I love oranges and hubby loves to squeeze fresh orange especially for breakfast. It can boost our immune system. THis is good nowadays as it is already getting colder.