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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cherish the good things


My son with his cousin. he' about 6 months old

that's my Wedding day. She is a flower girl

that's her now teenager

This picture below is my kid's cousin and that baby she holding is my son. it was taken 5 years ago.  At our old house.  can't exit the time runs quickly They both growing up so fast. Couldn't imagine to see her now she's look like a young lady.  My kid couldn't  forget the old house and old memories we used to lived. Whenever he misses her we went over there visit and spend for a little  while in this way he still a big part of thier family.  I cried when i remember the time. Now she is taller than me. this pictures is memorable for me because when he was a baby, his cousin  visiting him almost everyday he is a sweet and  friendly have been living here for a yrs. Respectively. her mother has 2 kids   but she cares for and their grandma. I always give a time to see his relatives because it a big factor in his life and my life too. Eventually during that time we always have a chance to see each other like family gathering, let say's cooking out, or special event  i see them often. but then months added months or years and year past. Time also is change i can figure out that people are change who is become part of our life. I admit now that is part of our life people can go and left. just cherish the good things happen in our lived.

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