Monday, February 25, 2013

my cassava wrapped in banana leaves

My cassava kamoting kahoy I made it.
I bought Cassava a couple of days ago I miss to eat this literally we went  there in Asian store to buy a Filipino food like fish, and other Filipino Foods I wasn't do anything on that day it indeed up to go to the store because i want to cook. I Strolling around the store and found  banana leaves as well as I buy also some other mixture for Making Cassava. This is My first time to make this kind of Filipino I am glad it turns good  basically I watch my mom when she's cooking in the kitchen plus  I ask some tips how the Cassava taste good.  They called Cassava Wrapped in Banana leaves.This is a variation of  more popular Sumang Malagkit  which is steamed glutinous wrapped in  my banana leaves.
 Aside from the very simple process of making Cassava Wrapped this Filipino native sweet delicacy is so popular to Filipinos because of the abundance of kamoteng kahoy in the Philippines. Also known as cassava or  kamoteng kahoy is the third largest source of carbohydrates for meals. My kid does not want to eat because he don't know what it is Somehow he said mom I bit you eat Filipino Food than american Food yes. And i know how I miss it specially my friend posted through their twitter or facebook. As far as I knew I can do what I want to eat I guess i am learning alot now than used to be. Just check out my Cassava Kamoting kahoy.
Here in the US, you can buy it fresh or frozen. Though I prefer to buy it fresh whenever I find some at the Asian store, I always have the frozen one in the freezer for emergency use. It's my first time to make suman, so I decided to just use my remaining 1 pack of frozen cassava just so I could see the outcome.

 I am so glad to find these suman waiting for me, When I went to my friend.She live closer to asian market which is good I ask want to go to the store because I am going to cook Cassava and right away we went I  thankful  such a  good  friend.  I wish I had more cassava so I could have made more. Next
time I am going to cook Sticky Rice.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Muffin

Now I am going to take the muffins and put them on the pan which is one a medium size I am using a Pyrex pan . There is no oil on the pan, the cornmeal as I mention before is going to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.  I am  going to bake for 35 minutes  then I use the little stick to check if the Muffin is done while turning it once to the other side. Now I can see not cook yet  I'm going to return to the Oven to make it little  brown.  Now I can either let it stay in the  pan for 10 minutes but I prefer to be sure that it is cooked I set aside and leave  5 minutes. which is warmed up because my kid can't wait to eat the Muffin he said Oh  That's a long time to bake to much cooking. I knew he like the Muffin since I did not bake a lot.  Now I can see the muffins are nice and brown  after waiting a couple of minutes at last it's done and ready to eat. Yummy and delicious I love Muffin bake is my favorite to eat. Good snack  for afternoon  and in the morning with coffee. Thank you for taking a time to look my Muffin.