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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Special Day

Wine  and he got a beer. lol

Steak with mash Potatoes added with wine, soy sauce and Mushroom. our
special Dinner

 before we  went out for dinner, I noticed that he has something on the back door and it was a bouquet of flowers was a trail of rose petals. When I  see it and i surprise and  I discovered that the table has many present was surprised of what i see. Pink my favorite color.  was a lovely birthday present. The Spa,  nails and pedicure, A certificate gift . He give something  also a nice cool greetings cards with a huge bouquet of roses.  How thankful i am he did this.  My birthday is very memorable because it's also anniversary of New york Tragedy.  911 is my officials birthday we celebrate  3 days before my birthday because he has to works during the week. good thing we do this so have a time to spend and going to see his friend too. we have enought time to celebrate because he has to work during the day.It's wonderful birthday i had. Now i am happy  more the fact that we like each other company. happy birthday to me again.

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