Sunday, December 23, 2012

food that i miss

Several things that i have not forgotten to eat during my time when i was in the Ph. there's many good memories from my beloved native land that i always missing no other other than  sandines we called in filipino sardines because this  is a good food in my country.  Some folks have not long been aware of the health benefits of eating sardines it has an issue of the magazine,  said that ounce for sardines provide more calcium and phosphorus it has protein than potassium.

But few of them are not recommending eating sardines as a good source of  nutrients. It Say's it could be not health care providers either is not  aware of the health benefits sardines or they know that many people who tried sardines were put off the moment they opened a tin of smelly, tightly packed and maybe mushy little fish i stores some cans of sardines and other  filipino food in case if i need then i have to cook and my amega, friend share with me :-)  but not all the time it's nice you  have friend who share your food.

When sardines came from these  they are canned within hours of the catch, they're fresh and will not smell fishy like most canned sardines that have been frozen prior to processing. Most health food grocery markets will carry true sardines, or they can be ordered online from select companies So, my son don't like the smell of the sardines he does not eat also he turning his head said he don't like to eat  but he has no option mom like to eat and he turning up his  nose at the thought of  not eating smelly sardines.