Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simple recipe My banana bread

Photo: I made Banana Bread

The Ingredients you need

3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed
1/3 cup melted butter
1 1/2 cup sugar can easily reduce to 1 cup sugar
2 egg, beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt
1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour
 Last few days ago I am thinking about baking banana bread which was on my mind I have to bake it since myself was craving this kind of dessert I was totally bored on that day feel like I am not going to do my blogs if I don't have something to munchin or eat. I keep browsing the wed until I found this banana bread recipe good thing I have complete ingredient  I bought a lot of grocery two days before. Now I make simple recipe.
If you want use mixer for this recipe or use a simple steps its up to you. All you do is using a simple way make all the ingredients complete.   Preheat the oven to 350°F  With a wooden spoon, mix butter into the mashed bananas in a large mixing bowl. Mix in the sugar, egg, and vanilla. Sprinkle
 the baking soda and salt over the mixture and mix in. Add the flour last steps is mix. Pour mixture into a buttered 4x8 inch loaf pan. Bake for 1 hour or 42 minutes insert toothpick when turns brown.  Before that instead of white sugar I used brown sugar  brown it turns out good.  Cool on a rack. Remove from pan and slice to serve how simple is that enjoy eating our banana bread although I should eat this as a lunch for myself if you want you could eat as a snack.