Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ice cream purple yum

 I buy ice cream at nearby local store last couple of weeks ago  here.  As I remember back in my country Philippines there is people in the sidewalk who sell ice cream then we called it Mr ice cream man because kids like it back then when I was a kid I like to eat ice cream.
jokingly refer to homemade ice cream sold cheaply from street carts  as a cone dirty ice cream Up until recently,  Sorbetes was generally considered inferior ice cream made by the large companies Magnolia and Selecta. But with increase the pride in local  artifacts even the company Selecta is marketing a line called sorbetes ice cream on purple yum.    
Sorbetes  or Ube ice cream is traditional made from carabao milk and is served as small scoops really small in comparison to American ice cream on small sugar cones. Filipinos even serve ice cream inside bread pieces that look like miniature hamburger buns The ice cream flavor in the include ube in Tagalog word  in other words purple yum, has mango ,Macapuno young coconut and cheese.The Western flavors vanilla, chocolate, mocha and strawberry are also popular  back to my country.  Here in America I seldom to eat ice cream maybe because I don't eat much not unlike when I was a kid I like to eat good thing I buy at the store Filipino store because the taste is different and its good though.



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