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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jollibee fastfood


I remember  Jollebee back in my country  I miss to eat it this is well known Fast food in Ph.  I like those mascot in Jollebee  it has a  smiling face its  friendly enough to be a favorite among  the kids, One of this is my kid he really like Jollebee although he has a picture with this mascot have to digging through my album so I post next time. when we was on my country we  were there at Jollebee  we order our meal, while we wait our order we took a photo from jollebee mascot which is good idea in that way  my kid won't forget  our popular fastfood and his face is prevalent  my son smile a lot when I took a photo for him and jollebee.  In many locations in Ph. that include playrooms for children. Clearly  this cartoon figure or mascot aimed the young  generation  kids I knew kids like jollebee because  they make the kids smile and also the older people they like the fastfood  the older generation  especially these days many kids have grown up eating Jollibee. It’s easy to say that this figure has been pivotal in and marketing efforts they  led  such a good  success in the Philippines.I hope when we come back in Ph. my son and the rest of my family well be eat again in jollebee so miss to eat this.

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