Friday, December 30, 2011

Boot Jeans( Women)

Medium Wash Curvy Core Bootcut Jean - Aéropostale®Dark Wash Core Bootcut Jean - Aéropostale®

This is the jeans that fits me both length and waist I want something that sexy on my hips down to the legs its good looking your more sexy if the top also is match with the jeans. I have 2 different sizes because sometime when  I get size 1 its not tight enough much better I have 2 sizes  when I inter the fitting room I could have finalize the best jeans  that fit one for me. I could say IM totally addicted with jeans because comfortable to wear anywhere. how about you do you have a favorite jeans?  check it out there website.

         Colored Denim Ultra Skinny Jean - Aéropostale®

Patch Pocket Dark Wash Flare Jean - Aéropostale®Medium Vintage Wash Flare Jean - Aéropostale®           Medium Wash Curvy Core Bootcut Jean - Aéropostale®

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crispy Pata and Authentic Foods

I lazy to cook because my time is always in a  hurry. I try myself to manage my time between computer works, household works and everything else its hard when you live by yourself not unlike that when your married you don't worry anything else because there's your hubby would helping for the responsibility at least you have someone to taking care of the other stuffs. but that's part of being grown up single, married or whatever you have to do what to do I think I agree married Single or widow it's the same thing you gotta works together in order both individual can works out.   Anyways I give example of my favorite foods that even here in America I am still missed  to taste.  I used to cook this but not now to bad.   This is so yummy enjoy.  :D

    Crispy Pata Recipe,  No Picture

    Front hind or leg of a pig

1 bottle of soda (7Up or sprite

  1 tablespoon of salt

  2 tablespoons (fish sauce)

   1/2 tablespoon baking soda

  1 tablespoon of monosodium glutamate

  4 tablespoons of flour

  Enough oil for deep frying

  Enough water for boiling

lechon roasted pig Philippines
My fav.  Lechon pig roast

The lechon pig roast  very yummy.

Kaldereta spanish word. Engredients

 Burger in Olive Oil and Butter Sauce
Chicken Fingers
Dice Chicken with Cashew. I can make this
Dessert, Cheese Cake
Lumpia, yummy.
Snack its called puto or Rice Mix

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Tree

"Giant Christmas Tree, Araneta Center"
Place Taken: Metro Manila take on 
Date Taken: 2002
Giant Christmas Tree

Philippines A Christmas Tree made from coconuts in the Coconut Palace
Christmas Tree,  made from Coconut

Not Your Usual Christmas Flowers
Colorful Lanter

Most   Fun of the year is Christmas season  its around the corner Many people  can celebrate Christmas. one of the most fun times and happiest moment.  We figure out how to simplify  our Christmas and turn  into a fun and relaxing experiences one of the big things that I like in Christmas is,  people are gets busy buying some stuffs for Christmas  season. earlier  September they starting decorated Christmas tree in the Philippines. but here in State some people started in December as well as this is our favorite season because all of us are happy and We got exchanging gifts and also there are many delicious foods to prepare I am very exciting for this Christmas season after so many years at last  we spend our  Christmas.  One of the best things that can happen is to hang several strands of Christmas lights, and then to plug in only to find that half of them are not working it is best to hanging the christmas light but my son miss up my Christmas tree he really likes to put  ornament and once he gets tired he well break it that's  the way kid is they love helping mommy on Christmas tree.  I am enjoying to put some stuffs on my Christmas tree i like to put the light on, the bigger ribbon, colorful ornaments.  sometimes  I stepping back to make sure that the lights are evenly has space and that they will look good  when you finish putting some light and other stuffs I make sure my Christmas tree is good looking and has enough space  under the tree to put the Christmas presents.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lamborghini Gallardo Volkwagen

The Gallardo's   Car Special Edition proved a watershed moment.  A  legendary company¹s history, as well as that the  parent of Volkswagen.  known for elegant touring cars that gave way to alien.  exotics typical  Old Cars Lamborghini Volkwagen  announced it was a  New Edition type of car very Stunning and very  nice how  cool is that,   this is My dream car because it is dependable and not small and not to big. good for travelling and cool convenience to drive How I wish to have this Volkwagen.

 its very amazed for me When I found this Online cannot keep my eye away.   I would say I can have this why not as long as I have money I could have it. lets wait until the economy gets better might be in the market would Sell this less would have to buy this if  I  can.   But I dont think so used would sell less.   take a look at the color and the style of the car is cool and has a thing on the top of the car.  I have many favorite car,  one of those is Volkwagen I had dreaming to have this even I was  a child  because very dependable to drive and I feel comfortable to get into anywhere, shopping. or beach  I have drive My Van  but  I like these pretty old Volkwagen style  its on the top of my list I like it  most  the color very attractive for  and  seductive.   you like the person  same thing like that. when you like something you never stop seeing until you buy it.    waiting and see if my Van won't  have  a problem if ever gets a problem then I would probably  trade in. 

Lamborghini Gallardo Special Edition

Lamborghini Gallardo Special Edition


Wincraft Jeff Gordon 1:2 Tribute Hood - NASCAR.COM SUPERSTORE

Jeff Gordon is a professional  Race car driver he has many Won many numbers of races  he's drive  # 24 car He hold a number of wins since many years in sports.  Drive to End Hunger/DuPont/Pepsi Chevrolet Impala. He is a four-time Sprint Cup Series champion and a three-time  Daytona 500 winner.   He is persistence paid   with an all Florida speed weeks.  Supporting his career choice,   he  begin to race  at very young age I watch NASCAR  race every other weekend on the TV, I  started being fan when I meet someone else nice to know about NASCAR  Race he was such a good  Racer driver  he has many awards and championship because it was started at  young age. nice to read  about his  High profile  such a successful  and professional  person. How about you do you like NASCAR  race?  
All-Star Line-up Jeff Gordon Personalized Father's Day Plaque - NASCAR.COM SUPERSTORE

Mounted Memories Jeff Gordon Framed Photo w/ Piece of Race Used Fire Suit, Sheet Metal, Windshield, and Tire - NASCAR.COM SUPERSTORE

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Auto makers Can Learn from Steve Jobs

This doesn’t mean all autos have to be luxury cars, just don’t cut corners for the sake of saving a few pennies here and there. Build cars people can buy and own with pride, models in which they’re genuinely likes it  Give even  a least-expensive models a good  quality look and feel that exceeds buyers’ their , own expectations. Leave the bottom feeders and bargain the hunters to shop in the used car market. I would might say that people would love to buy a used car because it must less expensive compare to the brand New Car at lease you have in  your mind you don't worry about for the big payments.

Several generations ago, back in the post-war day of the American automobile, the same could be said about brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Chrysler. For the most part, cars have since become commodities, with car shopping perceived to be about as enjoyable at least in one survey. maybe the car business could become cool again, by revisiting some of the lessons left behind by the late Steve Jobs

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Birthday

The Other Day i woke up in the Morning I can imagine how the time flies fast
My only son is getting bigger I love him his the precious gift from above and
his the only gift from his daddy I recall his dad's face its a big factor in my life
when I see my son I am happy to see him everyday at school he said he well
be study hard so he get to the good school without him Life is not complete maybe
because he's my happiness everyday when he play's his toys.
His Birthday is coming soon four weeks to go he well be 5  years old.   4 years ago
I keep holding him in my lap. feeding a bottle, playing his baby stuffs and Now
he would say he's not a baby anymore I was surprise with his answer he said Mom
I"m not a baby anymore, and I said yes you are my baby when you are a baby to me
and your daddy well holding you when u was a little because you crying so  bad
u cannot stop crying unless there's a bottle in your hand, for me you are my baby
because you make me smile everyday, even its  tired but its worthy.

I  have  something for him on his Birthday.  I could not say what maybe a surprise for him
It is so funny when we go to the stores he keep an eye with the  big Monster trucks it has  a huge wheels he has many,many  trucks in his bedroom.  might be we take him in the show  next  year I want him to enjoy  as being a kid.   he  said Mom I have a favorite  friend  hah hah.   I was surprise  with him
he know now about favorite friends I hope someday My son growing up as a good kid and has a fear to God.   We are  going to plan on his  Birthday chucked cheese  or anything.  I don't know because
we plan about with  his  grandparents  always support on his  Birthday.  Lights are starting to turn on and the world is becoming a bigger.   he is continue  to discover everything.   so enjoy your life
with your kid while their little because along the road you well see tomorrow they growing up
fast . I treasure my life with him everyday. I would  buy a SD card on his Birthday so Grandma. can see it  and his cousins too.    How about you did you have  something  special for your Son?   happy Weekend everyone. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Straight talk, affordable to use to keep in touch

Nokia E71 Reconditioned Smart Phone
LG 900G You are satisfied with Phones  it has everytthing else the Service Card is purchased as part of a Straight Talk phone  a bundle go hurry buy now.

I cannot wait to get  a new straight talk since i been moving to my new  home.  it was very rough  and hard time in my life.  I had to get a new mobile plan phone  it was un plan to get this but it needs for important  calls like  calling my friends.  I can't wait to get a new straight  talk without paying monthly  bills  no contract because service plan is more expensive rather than straight  talk .  I have  one more year to expire the contract what i was planning  I couldn't renew it  because its to expensive for me have to get an affordable that suit on my pocket so i can save also. very terrible to  pay the higher bills.

is not to bad to have a good  mobile but in my  case I couldn't   afford it,  need to have an affordable service. I used to call often with my family  since  i have a plan service  I used to call my friends and also in different state   but not now because i dont want to pay more  bills.  I better use the SMS free text internet compare to the calling card.  My plan phone is using for local calls I enjoy  talking with my good friends especially your home away from them,   later  it was  realized that its not important to talk over the phone when it is not necessary.

 Calling International  is  separate calls for me,   I have found out on online  it was advertised on the TV  i keep try  to call their Number  luckily their rate is very low and affordable until now  i still use  it for my family long distance calls.  I miss them so much so whenever I want to hear from them  I use the  free  text which is affordable because text is free. but  i am still longing to get a new  straight  talk  it has no contract plus no addtional fee.   few more months  from now then i can have straight  talk  I am planning also to have  Android smart phone maybe i can have it or buy once  i gets over on my contract i hate  to say about contract phone but  that's here in America it has  many Mobile where u can pay it for  a monthly plans  or buy an affordable straigh talk much better  people don't need an expensive phone they only use for calling and  absolutely right  for me very good
and affordable, low cost perfect for me and other who who's looking for affordable phone.  How about you , are you capable to buying on this Straight talk phone?  go check out their Website

Monday, October 10, 2011

for High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the term used to describe for a person who has a High Blood Pressure,   Blood pressure readings are measured in millimeters of mercury  and usually given as two numbers. For example, 120 over 80.    when a person has a High Blood Pressure Its not normal  its abnormal sensation  It has a many symptoms likes.

               Decress of alertness
               Decress of abilty to concentrate work
               Decreased urinary output
               nausia or Vomiting

The treatment is, You will need to stay in the hospital until the severe high blood pressure is under control or fully cure.  Medications will be given through a vein to reduce your blood pressure. If  there is fluid in your lungs, you will be given medicines. Your doctor will consider giving you medications to protect the heart if there is evidence of heart damage.  Hypertension can be difficult to control if you can't  maintain the medications  it well be get worse  and you'll be get into coma or you well die.

My guitarist

Last day my son asking me about his guitar its been a while he did not play his guitar i took it  out from the box so he can play it again he is very energetic and adventorous and happy boy he  said recently he is not a baby anymore hes done playing baby stuffs  he want to keeps his toys and other stuffs he would like to give it away or give to his cousins.   we have many  baby stuffs here  since hes born I woudl probably donate this to the charity   but my son dont want me to give he said he well   give it to his cousins because i knew that he has many cousins in philippines don't have good toys.   for now he is keeping busy with his new stuffs  like Monster jam trucks and  Hot wheels.  when we came home he is playing Monster trucks and hot wheels he is such a  big fan to this show Monster trucks.  someday  we could take him in a live  Show in our town here because he telling that his favorite show.  once he gets tired of monster trucks he get hes guitar and play on. he's copy cat from his Dad guitar  boy.   I figure out  thinking to buy him a  guitar bass the stuffs for guitar. he still small I wait till he gets big. cannot imagine he is getting so big.


Victoria Secret One time Shop

Victoria's Secret Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine Fragrance Lotion 8.4 fl oz (250 ml)

I went to Victoria Secret last Sunday I keep looking a lotion and other stuffs for my body because i need for winter i could see I am obsessed by their lotions and fragrance it is very nice and smooth
I like to wear perfume, and I have found that vanilla complements most of  their perfumes and lotions are smeeling good   It's a warm sweet & natural scent.  Hmmm wonderful The scent seems truest in the lotion my favorite Vanilla Scent.   at last I  went to Victoria Secret and mostly i like their bra also.

I can only use the expensive lotions (like Heavenly or Noir) or the Pink body care line (in the square pump bottles)  I had to go and buy myself a have always love this scent bottle  It gives off such a great smell, and its overwhelming, although I do have to remember that a little goes a long way. It leaves your skin smooth and very nice smelling, I would definitely buy it again  if I have a budget.   some of their product are great its much more if they have special sales but it was not on  i only bought few of them because its expensive.


Saturday, September 17, 2011


souvenir to remember, I just  miss  the teacher and assistant teacher we visited the school last couple of weeks ago  but they no longer works. we meet his assistant teacher at shopping mall last month she said,  she'll be continue  schooling  in order to teach in good school.  my son always said that he miss he's  teacher and  assistant teacher because  I know how much they love my son. he's been in this school for almost 2 years  and i supposed not  to  transfer him but it was about  my decision  its  long drive everyday.  for now he is good and being able to socialize he's new  friends at school.

Friday, September 16, 2011


this autograph includes on my son's year book. theirs no words can  describe how much they love my son his teacher is very nice and  affectionate, its  a big impact for me to like  this School because the teachers are very nice and friendly.  it is such a good thing to have this autograph my son well keep holding the good memories from his teacher.   IM happy that my son get  into pre-kindergarten school  during my childhood  I wasn't  get in pre-kindergarten  i get into first  grade because  i want to see and knows what is school is.    kids are being strange and new in their life its new beginning to   interact  and meet other kids  at school   completely   happy   that my kid born and raise here  in the  U.S.
I  never thought that his teacher was going  to be retire  i remember those days we always had a field  trip   kids and mom.     I have plan to visit again his old school my son miss his old friends and other teacher too.  take a look in this autograph,  his teacher sign it. what a sweet  and  good memories

Monday, September 12, 2011

The footprint

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart"


Loving you was easy, losing you was hard. Loving you is still easy, but knowing you are no longer mine, is the hardest of it all."


Submitted by Anonymous


Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

 "Memories are the best souvenirs."
Submitted by Bullerby
I Like this quote I dislike this quote

 "True love never dies as we see in our eyes, only when we let go that we can truly say goodbye."

. "The bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before

from the movie "Good Will Hunting"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recipe: My Champorado

ready to cook Champorado brands. If you wish to do it the traditional way, check out  their recipe online  What makes this recipe  is good for breakfast or just snacks,  you can create your own Champorado recipe as well as made as easier My Mom used to cook this kind of recipe in the morning because its good in your  heart.  and also she loves to cook anything.   for me I  would say I hated to cook before i married but it would change when  I came here, you have to be do your own way so you learn not only for this recipe,  for any different  types of cooking specially you married awkward to say that you have a husband and you don't know about cooking when he gets home and asking he's hungry,  you could not answer and there's   no food in the table. i could imagine that when  I was new here in United state, for a little while i keep learning cooking so now  I can cook whatever   i want and it gives a tricks from my mom she's a good cooker too.  how about you do you cook?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Driver

Here we  go my little driver try to drive the big trucks one time we went to lake city  have a friend there. I ask my kid if he's going to drive a trucks and he said yes mom i want to drive that trucks one day IM  drive that trucks just like my dad he drives different kinds of trucks, and like my grandfather too that's what he said. I knew he's getting big. he is done on baby's stuffs.  I expose him to different place to be able to try anything, going to the lakes, and going to the place where the monster trucks is.  This photo was made last April it was very  nice to see different place, very pretty out there because people get
busy raising animals and taking care of their gardens.
I don't mine if I live there the only thing  different my kid
school is on the City  and we live also near by the school he's to small .
 to live in the country side. perhaps someday who knows
we live there and move in the country side. Do you like to live in the
Country place?

Friday, August 5, 2011

On my mind

I have Traveled on my mind for doing   a blogging   for two months   I bet i can  make enough effort  and make,make more money while my kid  off  school when the school started i still have time for these blogs. well, I get some other things to busy  going to school probably.   I make it patiently some of my friends doing these for many years  wish i can have my own  domain because i want to make on my own hometown  for my own domain.   for now could not afford it  have to look forward to make my entry more and more people well visit and i make money too. does it make sense?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pandesal bread

 The Bread of Salt (which is  the title of a popular bread,  This bread is the favorite  breakfast food of most Pilipino  (slang for Filipino) and can be eaten plain or with “filling." When IM taking a vacation in my country I  purchase these bread every morning I ate as my breakfast. and when i just got back here in America I seldom  to eat because could not find the good asian bakery.
In the Philippines, all bake shops and bakeries sell these bread Sometimes, this is sold in rolling stores usually a honking bicycle with a big box on the back When purchasing from bakery, be sure to be there before 8 am because the supply runs out after that time.
Just so you know, I love eating  after dipping it in hot coffee :) .


Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Little boy

Among  the video i took this is my favorite he is very cute and adorable.  he was 16 Months on this video  such a good  bonding as a Mother and child when you have a little kid you have to enjoy the time day by day because they growing so fast, time flies fast you can see them grows quick we cannot turn back around. when he's a baby i took some memorable moment for him, like after shower,playing at the backyards, daddy's home bonding time.  going to the malls, and other things to do. my life is completely happy when he's born wonderful feeling when you have a baby and husband. I well not deny that for now our life has a big different without a daddy.  Long story if  I detailed here.  I can say Thankful for his good kindness and  bundle of memories.   just happy me and him, my kid. God and his daddy is watching us everyday.  Thank you lord for my angel.  take care of my honey 


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 would have a different a scrapbooks   Each one of us has a scrapbook this remain  for a lifetime memory that would tell our story to the future generation. people were gone, a good idea that i made a scrapbook for my kid. when  he gets big enough he can see that i made these for him. just my family they lost their   old pictures and important things.   just wanna keep it sake and put in proper place it won 't be fade because when you takecare your good  stuffs  you can still see and recall the happiest moment with your generation and  family. IM  meticulous regarding  my personal things like pictures and other important things. what about you did you have scrapbook?

Being Mama

And how many times  have  you, as a parents? Someday, when my child are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a mother,  I'll tell her/ him ,have you, as a parent, resisted the urge to tell them how much you love him or her. I feel hurt when our child stumble, hurt and fail. I am a Mother and father of my child very hardest part of my life. as IM posting my handwritten about him i couldn't  imagine these is going to be happen in my entire life I become a single mom to him, very challenging, happy, grumpy,mad,sad, lonely, i would say, is everything, big responsibility for him. came up on my mind sometimes he need a big man in our life to discipline him, Although i discipline him but kind  different if there is a big man in the house. well, only praying  the answer  if god sent me  a man.  we can't hold our destiny. life  has many directions and surprise, might be I'll be alone or what.  (:-/ )  many things happen in life. I not picky for looking someone  i only capable to meet my man if he accepted my past, present and the future.  I always pray  from god, his my Saviour.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trucks Collection

 My kid trucks collections, When he was a baby, he playing baby stuffs but now hes playing like a big boy.he  is such a super fanatic of monster truck whenever we went to the mall or store he keep saying he likes the monster truck because he sew it on TV. I purchase a monster truck but not really often only if i have a budget. he's got a friend, or cousins who like collecting this kind of stuffs guess  he like collecting  now. I notice to my kid he started fanatic fan  when I browsing the computer then  he sew on the video. after that  he was  started watch  in the video. almost everyday he watch the video,  The monster trucks. this is a good way also, hes a kid i want him to enjoy playing and collecting this kind of stuffs. he is  growing up fast. i love my only kid, i want him to enjoy life while his little and play the toys that he likes. in my time before i was younger i never spoiled  toys by my aunts or cousins could not afford to buy these stuffs. my kid is very lucky he has many cousins and friends to give him a toys,  Someday I take him in downtown to watch the live show for monster truck he'll be happy to see in live. IM having fun to see him while watching those videos. look on the pictures what he did.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Super Yummy

My  Kinilaw

So delicious my fav.

Been  a While I did not taste these Filipino food, these is our main favorite recipe   After  two years  i should   taste now,   I usually go to Asian market but i never seen a fresh seafood in Asian market.

  I found this in  American store delicious. is like sushi but tastes even better, it is consist of raw fish  mixed with vinegar and other ingredients.  The most important thing in this recipe is to make sure that you will use lime

 juice or other ingredients. is a Filipino way of cooking . They both rely on the sour  of lime, lemon or vinegar to cook the raw Fish.

  the taste of this dish depends on the Freshness of the Fish.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Vacation

 My kid first vacation in the Philippines he's about  6 month old. very happy and memorable days in our life hes the only grandson in our family.  we  took a vacation every 2 years.   I used to travel by) (myself) even  i would say  sometimes it's hard but i used to get now there are many things to learn when you travel by yourself,  at first your very nervous and anxious you don't know where you go as long as you know how to read and understand the people you ask. there's  no scared. be Independent by yourself and  be   pray. I miss my Homeland, someday when we come back and visit again, it's emotional and exciting, only me and my little kid. there's missing you know what i mean.

my step son and girlfriend

cousin and my kid

his grandma,
my family in philippines