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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Junk food

 People have choices about what they choose to buy in stores and what they eat and feed their children. We are  constantly know that junk food is a one way ticket to the  panoply of modern unhealthy food  when we eat this junk food, it causes diabetes as high blood pressure, heart disease, stuffed with sugar, salt and all things processed cleverly, If you eat fattening junk food and you gain weight to be true I am not fan of fatty food and junk food. During free time or med afternoon I eat junk food but not very often.  I make some cookies, cupcakes,  and dessert for  my son because he loves that one. It good I see him after he gets home from school he openly the fridge and get his favorite cookies I know kids don't need to eat junk food but he knows he is growing up. however I well not baking very often. He eat some kind of food that has meat on it good for his growing body.

 Me and my kid eat popcorn all the time despite it being kind of junk food. I seldom eat junk food or anything salty But it  would  be good to eat a lot of popcorn  is not bad as long as not everyday. popcorn is good for snacking while watching TV. 



  1. so true, my kids love junk foods too. but us parent we should teach them it's not good to eat these because they're not healthy

  2. i love popcorn and everyone in my household loves it. serving it during movie nights is awesome!

  3. I don't know why but I love to indulge myself with junk food. They're always the best. I think there's nothing wrong with eating it as long as it's not too much.

  4. Don't beat yourself, I love popcorn too! Moderation is always the key.

  5. I love junk food, who don't? but since I am watching my lbs I had to sacrifice my snicker bars and my oreo cookies. my kids eat cookies and chips and pop corn I don't want them to be deprived of foods that they love. Does that make me a bad mom?

    Liza Barnett