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Saturday, May 18, 2013

We called this fruit pomelo

  here's the picture my niece posted this  pomelo.This fruit Pomelo is energizing snack any time good for your heart

Pomelos are the only known fruits containing spermadine

This gentle giant of the citrus is native to Malaysia and Southeast Asia, but has been introduced to many tropical countries as well as California, Florida and Hawaii of the United States. I grab the picture of this fruit from my niece picture she is tagging me last night I told her that I miss Pomelo fruit tagalog term is Pomelo which  is the good idea to talk about . Its been a while I did not eat this I think 5 years already we went on vacation last year but never got a chance  to buy anyhow I knew we been busy for something else. I just told her, my niece that it need to be posted on social network since I miss to eat it then suddenly she was posting I am glad I see the Pomelo from her social network. Maybe next time I well buy this. The delicious pomelo can enhance a healthy diet.

Sweet with just a hint of grapefruit-like tang, pomelos are refreshing first thing in the morning or cold from the refrigerator, as a fortifying snack. Its juice can be a tasty addition to sauces, salads, salsas and marinades. The curious mixture of melon-like sweetness with citrus tang makes pomelo juice a welcome addition to many recipes - add a skinless, seedless wedge to flavor your favorite ice tea.

Low Calorie and low fat.

Pomelos have 0% fat and 72 calories per cup/190 grams a dieter's delight Most everyone has heard of the Grapefruit Diet, which become popular in Hollywood  Both grapefruit and pomelo contain a fat burning enzyme, which theoretically increases the dieter's success. This fad diet promoted extremely low calorie intake and eating grapefruit before every meal.



  1. I love pomelo and once in a while I buy it from the store when I crave for one but only when on sale, mahal eh.

  2. Oh yeah! That makes me drool :) we call i t buongon in my bisayan language.

  3. my relatives in Davao used to send us some in Manila before. it is really good.