Saturday, October 15, 2011

Auto makers Can Learn from Steve Jobs

This doesn’t mean all autos have to be luxury cars, just don’t cut corners for the sake of saving a few pennies here and there. Build cars people can buy and own with pride, models in which they’re genuinely likes it  Give even  a least-expensive models a good  quality look and feel that exceeds buyers’ their , own expectations. Leave the bottom feeders and bargain the hunters to shop in the used car market. I would might say that people would love to buy a used car because it must less expensive compare to the brand New Car at lease you have in  your mind you don't worry about for the big payments.

Several generations ago, back in the post-war day of the American automobile, the same could be said about brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Chrysler. For the most part, cars have since become commodities, with car shopping perceived to be about as enjoyable at least in one survey. maybe the car business could become cool again, by revisiting some of the lessons left behind by the late Steve Jobs

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Birthday

The Other Day i woke up in the Morning I can imagine how the time flies fast
My only son is getting bigger I love him his the precious gift from above and
his the only gift from his daddy I recall his dad's face its a big factor in my life
when I see my son I am happy to see him everyday at school he said he well
be study hard so he get to the good school without him Life is not complete maybe
because he's my happiness everyday when he play's his toys.
His Birthday is coming soon four weeks to go he well be 5  years old.   4 years ago
I keep holding him in my lap. feeding a bottle, playing his baby stuffs and Now
he would say he's not a baby anymore I was surprise with his answer he said Mom
I"m not a baby anymore, and I said yes you are my baby when you are a baby to me
and your daddy well holding you when u was a little because you crying so  bad
u cannot stop crying unless there's a bottle in your hand, for me you are my baby
because you make me smile everyday, even its  tired but its worthy.

I  have  something for him on his Birthday.  I could not say what maybe a surprise for him
It is so funny when we go to the stores he keep an eye with the  big Monster trucks it has  a huge wheels he has many,many  trucks in his bedroom.  might be we take him in the show  next  year I want him to enjoy  as being a kid.   he  said Mom I have a favorite  friend  hah hah.   I was surprise  with him
he know now about favorite friends I hope someday My son growing up as a good kid and has a fear to God.   We are  going to plan on his  Birthday chucked cheese  or anything.  I don't know because
we plan about with  his  grandparents  always support on his  Birthday.  Lights are starting to turn on and the world is becoming a bigger.   he is continue  to discover everything.   so enjoy your life
with your kid while their little because along the road you well see tomorrow they growing up
fast . I treasure my life with him everyday. I would  buy a SD card on his Birthday so Grandma. can see it  and his cousins too.    How about you did you have  something  special for your Son?   happy Weekend everyone. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Straight talk, affordable to use to keep in touch

Nokia E71 Reconditioned Smart Phone
LG 900G You are satisfied with Phones  it has everytthing else the Service Card is purchased as part of a Straight Talk phone  a bundle go hurry buy now.

I cannot wait to get  a new straight talk since i been moving to my new  home.  it was very rough  and hard time in my life.  I had to get a new mobile plan phone  it was un plan to get this but it needs for important  calls like  calling my friends.  I can't wait to get a new straight  talk without paying monthly  bills  no contract because service plan is more expensive rather than straight  talk .  I have  one more year to expire the contract what i was planning  I couldn't renew it  because its to expensive for me have to get an affordable that suit on my pocket so i can save also. very terrible to  pay the higher bills.

is not to bad to have a good  mobile but in my  case I couldn't   afford it,  need to have an affordable service. I used to call often with my family  since  i have a plan service  I used to call my friends and also in different state   but not now because i dont want to pay more  bills.  I better use the SMS free text internet compare to the calling card.  My plan phone is using for local calls I enjoy  talking with my good friends especially your home away from them,   later  it was  realized that its not important to talk over the phone when it is not necessary.

 Calling International  is  separate calls for me,   I have found out on online  it was advertised on the TV  i keep try  to call their Number  luckily their rate is very low and affordable until now  i still use  it for my family long distance calls.  I miss them so much so whenever I want to hear from them  I use the  free  text which is affordable because text is free. but  i am still longing to get a new  straight  talk  it has no contract plus no addtional fee.   few more months  from now then i can have straight  talk  I am planning also to have  Android smart phone maybe i can have it or buy once  i gets over on my contract i hate  to say about contract phone but  that's here in America it has  many Mobile where u can pay it for  a monthly plans  or buy an affordable straigh talk much better  people don't need an expensive phone they only use for calling and  absolutely right  for me very good
and affordable, low cost perfect for me and other who who's looking for affordable phone.  How about you , are you capable to buying on this Straight talk phone?  go check out their Website

Monday, October 10, 2011

for High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the term used to describe for a person who has a High Blood Pressure,   Blood pressure readings are measured in millimeters of mercury  and usually given as two numbers. For example, 120 over 80.    when a person has a High Blood Pressure Its not normal  its abnormal sensation  It has a many symptoms likes.

               Decress of alertness
               Decress of abilty to concentrate work
               Decreased urinary output
               nausia or Vomiting

The treatment is, You will need to stay in the hospital until the severe high blood pressure is under control or fully cure.  Medications will be given through a vein to reduce your blood pressure. If  there is fluid in your lungs, you will be given medicines. Your doctor will consider giving you medications to protect the heart if there is evidence of heart damage.  Hypertension can be difficult to control if you can't  maintain the medications  it well be get worse  and you'll be get into coma or you well die.

My guitarist

Last day my son asking me about his guitar its been a while he did not play his guitar i took it  out from the box so he can play it again he is very energetic and adventorous and happy boy he  said recently he is not a baby anymore hes done playing baby stuffs  he want to keeps his toys and other stuffs he would like to give it away or give to his cousins.   we have many  baby stuffs here  since hes born I woudl probably donate this to the charity   but my son dont want me to give he said he well   give it to his cousins because i knew that he has many cousins in philippines don't have good toys.   for now he is keeping busy with his new stuffs  like Monster jam trucks and  Hot wheels.  when we came home he is playing Monster trucks and hot wheels he is such a  big fan to this show Monster trucks.  someday  we could take him in a live  Show in our town here because he telling that his favorite show.  once he gets tired of monster trucks he get hes guitar and play on. he's copy cat from his Dad guitar  boy.   I figure out  thinking to buy him a  guitar bass the stuffs for guitar. he still small I wait till he gets big. cannot imagine he is getting so big.


Victoria Secret One time Shop

Victoria's Secret Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine Fragrance Lotion 8.4 fl oz (250 ml)

I went to Victoria Secret last Sunday I keep looking a lotion and other stuffs for my body because i need for winter i could see I am obsessed by their lotions and fragrance it is very nice and smooth
I like to wear perfume, and I have found that vanilla complements most of  their perfumes and lotions are smeeling good   It's a warm sweet & natural scent.  Hmmm wonderful The scent seems truest in the lotion my favorite Vanilla Scent.   at last I  went to Victoria Secret and mostly i like their bra also.

I can only use the expensive lotions (like Heavenly or Noir) or the Pink body care line (in the square pump bottles)  I had to go and buy myself a have always love this scent bottle  It gives off such a great smell, and its overwhelming, although I do have to remember that a little goes a long way. It leaves your skin smooth and very nice smelling, I would definitely buy it again  if I have a budget.   some of their product are great its much more if they have special sales but it was not on  i only bought few of them because its expensive.