Friday, March 15, 2013

we called benignet

On Holy Week. Every Holy Friday, my Mom will cook Tabirak as we called in Filipino and it is our specialty in Holy week. This is what I eat  last week. My friend a  filipino bring me a Benignet  she cook a lot and she brought me this benignet I am glad she share her  benignet One time she brought me a  home made Vinegar which is I truly impressed  because it's really good and smelling so strong  that's perfect  suka or vinegar.  She is a good  cooker comparing me.  Although just trying my best to be a good cook but nothing can beat of my friend, mosly the food she brought were good i do like it. When she come back were going to find a good recipe so we could cook. Back to the benignet  the whole day instead of eating meat and rice every meal. This serves as our way of fasting or snack After cooking.  When my mom cook she shares it with us and we like it.  As It is pretty normal for us sharing a bowl of Tabirak even it has the same ingredients but the fact that a different person cooks it makes sense. Tabirak is not only cooked during Holy week but also everyday common in our tradition as filipino to cook our food because we miss our traditional food. I cook Filipino food even though I live here for many years. How about you did you cook Tabirak or Benignit? you can buy it at asian market. Some cafeteria serve this for merienda or snacks. In  Ph. I love it! Below is the picture of Tabirak  though I am eating this time had a chance took a pic. friend brought it for me.