Monday, June 11, 2012

Raw Fish English Term

Kinilaw or Raw fish in other words. fish that can be used for making kinilaw. Tuna, tangigue or tanigue or sea bass in english.

means to cook in vinegar. It’s not really cooking since there is no heat involved. But soaking fish or some other seafood in a strong vinegar solution turns the meat opaque and gives it a texture of having been cooked. Filipinos love curing fish and meat Specifically, with the use of vinegar. I was reading a couple of months ago and the description of how the Filipinos preserved their food during the 19th century gave me some insight. Hence, they are used in many of our traditional dishes like adobo, tapa and kinilaw raw fish. talakitok cavalla in english. and lapu-lapu. grouper in english too.

I just posted because remember our vacation last february my family was making a kinilaw or raw fish went out on the beach we had many baon or stuffs fot taking to the picnic it was nice though. As our tradition the family had always this kind of stuffs kinilaw or any filipino food. It was wonderful time when you spend your family in vacation because you can eat your filipino dish. for long time I misses all of the food here in the U.S filipno food.  Although i can cook as many as i want there are many Asian market here in Jax.  but it's really different when you see all those foods in the table especially my mom cooks alot. here we are people were starving our filipino dish enjoy it.


  1. Oh my, I just couldn't help myself but drool to this. It's been years since I had some. One of the many food I miss in Pinas, hu hu hu.

  2. Thnx, for visiting. one of my fav. pinoy food me too drolling everytime i see this post.yummy.