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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trucks Collection

 My kid trucks collections, When he was a baby, he playing baby stuffs but now hes playing like a big boy.he  is such a super fanatic of monster truck whenever we went to the mall or store he keep saying he likes the monster truck because he sew it on TV. I purchase a monster truck but not really often only if i have a budget. he's got a friend, or cousins who like collecting this kind of stuffs guess  he like collecting  now. I notice to my kid he started fanatic fan  when I browsing the computer then  he sew on the video. after that  he was  started watch  in the video. almost everyday he watch the video,  The monster trucks. this is a good way also, hes a kid i want him to enjoy playing and collecting this kind of stuffs. he is  growing up fast. i love my only kid, i want him to enjoy life while his little and play the toys that he likes. in my time before i was younger i never spoiled  toys by my aunts or cousins could not afford to buy these stuffs. my kid is very lucky he has many cousins and friends to give him a toys,  Someday I take him in downtown to watch the live show for monster truck he'll be happy to see in live. IM having fun to see him while watching those videos. look on the pictures what he did.

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