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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Us

Our Pic. My hubby took it.
This is very Memorable moment for us. the  date on the pictures was not right photos was made by 2008  my kid is two years old on this photo, Was everybody is here my hubby is my photographer it's family dinner actually  were on the porch standing by and waiting for our order this is our favorite Restaurant it is closer by the beach.  The Name is SunDollar Restaurant which is very nice, peaceful and The Host or Waitress are friendly This is cool Restaurant while you ordering your Meal You can see the Big Ship, Boat,  passing by at this area. People who get fishing with their family  it's nice to eat here once in a while.  The Food here are expensive but it is really good and delicious.  Actually we had a get together specially if someone has a birthday they held it here. their family is growing and growing every year when they got a party  could not remember the nieces, or great nieces because i seldom to see them. they live quit far away.anyways nice to remember the people who's been part of your life.

my Partner

My driver, This is my old Car he want to drive as well

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