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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Own Lumpia

Lumpia is the one of the most popular Appetizer recipes. I do really like This kind of appetizer because it is very good and crunchy. I learn cooking when I came here in the  U.S  Somewhat my cooking is not quitly perfect for everybody i made it good as much as i can.  Started when my mom in law telling me i need to buy a recipe book for learning cooking.  She is good in cooking when there's a family gathering like birthday or family picnic she was the one who prepared the food. I certainly surprise when my filipino friend was on the party my mom in law asking me if I can make a Lumpia recipe  then i said sure i make it. i stored a filipino foods in case if there's a special occasion i would cook it. it such a good feeling when i found out that my  parents in law loves to eat Lumpia. it was great party because they like my lumpia. lol. take note this is original not copyright. i made it.

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