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Monday, October 10, 2011

My guitarist

Last day my son asking me about his guitar its been a while he did not play his guitar i took it  out from the box so he can play it again he is very energetic and adventorous and happy boy he  said recently he is not a baby anymore hes done playing baby stuffs  he want to keeps his toys and other stuffs he would like to give it away or give to his cousins.   we have many  baby stuffs here  since hes born I woudl probably donate this to the charity   but my son dont want me to give he said he well   give it to his cousins because i knew that he has many cousins in philippines don't have good toys.   for now he is keeping busy with his new stuffs  like Monster jam trucks and  Hot wheels.  when we came home he is playing Monster trucks and hot wheels he is such a  big fan to this show Monster trucks.  someday  we could take him in a live  Show in our town here because he telling that his favorite show.  once he gets tired of monster trucks he get hes guitar and play on. he's copy cat from his Dad guitar  boy.   I figure out  thinking to buy him a  guitar bass the stuffs for guitar. he still small I wait till he gets big. cannot imagine he is getting so big.


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