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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Birthday

The Other Day i woke up in the Morning I can imagine how the time flies fast
My only son is getting bigger I love him his the precious gift from above and
his the only gift from his daddy I recall his dad's face its a big factor in my life
when I see my son I am happy to see him everyday at school he said he well
be study hard so he get to the good school without him Life is not complete maybe
because he's my happiness everyday when he play's his toys.
His Birthday is coming soon four weeks to go he well be 5  years old.   4 years ago
I keep holding him in my lap. feeding a bottle, playing his baby stuffs and Now
he would say he's not a baby anymore I was surprise with his answer he said Mom
I"m not a baby anymore, and I said yes you are my baby when you are a baby to me
and your daddy well holding you when u was a little because you crying so  bad
u cannot stop crying unless there's a bottle in your hand, for me you are my baby
because you make me smile everyday, even its  tired but its worthy.

I  have  something for him on his Birthday.  I could not say what maybe a surprise for him
It is so funny when we go to the stores he keep an eye with the  big Monster trucks it has  a huge wheels he has many,many  trucks in his bedroom.  might be we take him in the show  next  year I want him to enjoy  as being a kid.   he  said Mom I have a favorite  friend  hah hah.   I was surprise  with him
he know now about favorite friends I hope someday My son growing up as a good kid and has a fear to God.   We are  going to plan on his  Birthday chucked cheese  or anything.  I don't know because
we plan about with  his  grandparents  always support on his  Birthday.  Lights are starting to turn on and the world is becoming a bigger.   he is continue  to discover everything.   so enjoy your life
with your kid while their little because along the road you well see tomorrow they growing up
fast . I treasure my life with him everyday. I would  buy a SD card on his Birthday so Grandma. can see it  and his cousins too.    How about you did you have  something  special for your Son?   happy Weekend everyone. 

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