Saturday, January 11, 2014

Craving for Onions with steak

I was looking our fridge and I found out there is beef  on the fridge  I was planning to cook the beef and make a steak  I like steak ever since i was young I like the way my Mom cook steak for us that's why keep thinking this a good idea makes me miss my family back home in Philippines have to cook now beef steak since i know we have other ingredient  left we bought groceries on the weekend so I had  to cook the steak I'm not a good perfect cooker but when it come for cooking I'll make sure  have all ingredients to prepared for cooking otherwise beef steak in not delicious. I get excited about cooking again all the rich, melting, tender meat and roasted veggies are enough to make my taste curl.  I like to eat with mash potatoes, sorry the pic. is not here  I will do anything for a bit of mash winter is the perfect excuse for me to bury my face in it’s creamy indulgence. I don’t plan my meals today I know I want mashed potato, so I plot what else I can make as an excuse to have it on the side.

don't like that my steak doesn't onions because steak without onions for me is not complete. Anyways it was a perfect dinner for us my son does not like onions what can I do I am the only one who eat steak with onions with rice, I was glad my starving stomach was full Oh goodness the food was perfect specially its very cold so yummy ever take a look the photo i posted super delicious isn't it.  

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