Monday, January 20, 2014

Who loves Mc donald

Are you the one who loves Mc Donald? yes my son likes Mc donald every week we went Mc Donald and me too. he likes the kids meal  whenever when we buy kids meal it include the toys for free  apparently I like their Mc cafe, Vanilla shake and fish  Sandwich. We received coupons in  weekly paper which we get from the mail. We went in the restraunt and order our meal to buy some lunch because we went on Sunday mass as well as my son goes to sunday school  after the mass we stop by at Mc Donald were starving. Basically I used to order at the drive thru but I'm not satisfied  one time I order drive on thru but my order is not complete make me mad  there's  something missing that's why I have to get inside at Mc donald so my order is complete I am satisfied when I order it inside fast food  My son really loves Mc donald because they have a good toys as well  A friend of mine give us coupons so this is helpful  what a tons of coupon she given us. Mc Donald is great I love it for my son they have free toys and get our free drinks and apple.


  1. My daughter loves McDonald's, sana we have that coupons also so we can avail some of their products for free.

  2. Saan ba kayo sa pinas Mommy Mona, if sa pinas walang coupons na free for free toys meron sila Kase dito sa U.S marami coupons sign up ka lang meron nang free for kids like hamburger and others.