Thursday, December 12, 2013

My cookies

Thursday  I feel like starving on cookies, My son like cookies too  so  I made it when I pulled up  my  recipe I found out i had a cookie recipe from the magazine which I’d bake and add ingredients although i have recipe when I cook l making cookies, so I don't mess it up also as well as I like to learn cooking, I found out that sometimes better to cook rather than buying. I had in mind that I wanted to make Herhey's chocolate cookies and the other one in the bowl is different type of  cookies. he want me to bake a bird cookies and other animal cookies which I had posted today struck me as delicious sounding and festive without putting to much as the result the other cookies are not done well but it taste good though which is my son having fun he request for me to make cookies. My son say's oh yes Mom you make it next time I had fun yes you have fun but it takes longer enought to be cook because the dough is getting expand and the cooking tray is not big enough for many cookies enjoy it.

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