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Friday, January 13, 2012


Something I need to know about passport application, never came up on my mind that our travel international was going to be cancel due to passport issue I tough they allow to us to travel because the passport has more than 2 month before the expiration whatsoever the consequences we have to fallow the
procedure.  its been a long process  I need  to get everything done before the next month. I know had a hard time with the papers because it was my first  time to do this without my hubby to bad when you do it by yourself to many question on my mind now but I keep trying to do this.  Another note to travelers,  Even if your passport is not close to expiring  remember that some countries won't let you enter if it's due to be renewed within six months. Thank god very helpful the passport is already arrive within 7 days  because I expedite.  there's many option if you apply a passport  the more quicker the more expensive because other people can have a passport for emergency travel.

although they have a website and downloaded some papers works its helpful but the hard for that is the other documents. after a one week I got the passport  then the documents was mailed it separately very confusing to me why they send it separate What  I did is call and call now going smoothly they mail it already.

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