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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Tree

"Giant Christmas Tree, Araneta Center"
Place Taken: Metro Manila take on 
Date Taken: 2002
Giant Christmas Tree

Philippines A Christmas Tree made from coconuts in the Coconut Palace
Christmas Tree,  made from Coconut

Not Your Usual Christmas Flowers
Colorful Lanter

Most   Fun of the year is Christmas season  its around the corner Many people  can celebrate Christmas. one of the most fun times and happiest moment.  We figure out how to simplify  our Christmas and turn  into a fun and relaxing experiences one of the big things that I like in Christmas is,  people are gets busy buying some stuffs for Christmas  season. earlier  September they starting decorated Christmas tree in the Philippines. but here in State some people started in December as well as this is our favorite season because all of us are happy and We got exchanging gifts and also there are many delicious foods to prepare I am very exciting for this Christmas season after so many years at last  we spend our  Christmas.  One of the best things that can happen is to hang several strands of Christmas lights, and then to plug in only to find that half of them are not working it is best to hanging the christmas light but my son miss up my Christmas tree he really likes to put  ornament and once he gets tired he well break it that's  the way kid is they love helping mommy on Christmas tree.  I am enjoying to put some stuffs on my Christmas tree i like to put the light on, the bigger ribbon, colorful ornaments.  sometimes  I stepping back to make sure that the lights are evenly has space and that they will look good  when you finish putting some light and other stuffs I make sure my Christmas tree is good looking and has enough space  under the tree to put the Christmas presents.

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