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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recipe: My Champorado

ready to cook Champorado brands. If you wish to do it the traditional way, check out  their recipe online  What makes this recipe  is good for breakfast or just snacks,  you can create your own Champorado recipe as well as made as easier My Mom used to cook this kind of recipe in the morning because its good in your  heart.  and also she loves to cook anything.   for me I  would say I hated to cook before i married but it would change when  I came here, you have to be do your own way so you learn not only for this recipe,  for any different  types of cooking specially you married awkward to say that you have a husband and you don't know about cooking when he gets home and asking he's hungry,  you could not answer and there's   no food in the table. i could imagine that when  I was new here in United state, for a little while i keep learning cooking so now  I can cook whatever   i want and it gives a tricks from my mom she's a good cooker too.  how about you do you cook?

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