Friday, April 4, 2014

Craving this sardines

I'm craving into  Filipino food last weekend I bought fresh fish  when I got there I was surprise they got many all kinds of fish and I see my favorite fish sardines, anyhow aside on this they have  also shrimps I supposed to buy shrimps  but I thinking I rather buy more sardines because I'm craving this fish I would buy shrimps next time. I miss eating sardines it reminds me when I was in Philippines the way when we cook we mix with vinegar,  Genger, salt, and also you can fried it if you want, 
we  eat like this, you can also grilled this fish so delicious my craving are satisfied after I fried and grilled. My son watching me when I eat he does  eat.
 it is portable food that doesn’t need to be heated.
But it can be cooked and flavored. Our favorite sardine recipe at home add vinegar and soy sauce to the crushed sardines  heat the contents, and serve over rice.  

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