Sunday, November 3, 2013

My pumpkin Pie on Hallowen

Before hallowen I shopping for grocery on the store I thinking about baking cupcake since I know that my son like to eat cupcake I grab the opportunity to buy some recipe for baking I figure out that have to bake Pumpkin pie ever since I came here I love to cook but I haven't bake yet Pumpkin pie so let see how the result for my baking hope everybody at the house would like my Pumpkin otherwise I would be pissed haha No I am just kidding hope every one like my Pumpkin pie. Anyways Went the said market and bought some engredients for Pumpkin since its Halloween I also include bought a whipping cream for my pie. I bake it yesterday wow it took a longer time than the instruction thats what they say in the box. After I mix all the engredients have to place the pie crust into the oven set for 12 minutes after its cool and brown then Fill the pie crust with all the mix Although its not that hard because you only mix everything the recipe glad i can bake for the time to baking my Pumpkin pie. Have to bake it for 1 hour since I filled little thick on the pie crust after an hour I wonder why when I stick the toothpick it dosen't cook have to bake another 15 minutes to make the pie cook all the way such hard to wait sometimes when you bake longer time because its always in the kitchen but anyways I am happy at last its done the Pie is cook ready to eat hmm. I wasn't happy because its overly cook but still good and delicious I eat also my son eat only one piece the taste somewhat like a chesse cake. Take a look my Halloween pumpkin.

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