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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Muffin

Now I am going to take the muffins and put them on the pan which is one a medium size I am using a Pyrex pan . There is no oil on the pan, the cornmeal as I mention before is going to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.  I am  going to bake for 35 minutes  then I use the little stick to check if the Muffin is done while turning it once to the other side. Now I can see not cook yet  I'm going to return to the Oven to make it little  brown.  Now I can either let it stay in the  pan for 10 minutes but I prefer to be sure that it is cooked I set aside and leave  5 minutes. which is warmed up because my kid can't wait to eat the Muffin he said Oh  That's a long time to bake to much cooking. I knew he like the Muffin since I did not bake a lot.  Now I can see the muffins are nice and brown  after waiting a couple of minutes at last it's done and ready to eat. Yummy and delicious I love Muffin bake is my favorite to eat. Good snack  for afternoon  and in the morning with coffee. Thank you for taking a time to look my Muffin.


  1. Oh what a colorful muffins, my son would enjoy that!

  2. Yep kids loves snacking just like this muffin he just ask if I am cooking learning being at home as a chef.;D mommy rose thank for the comments.

  3. My daughter loves to bake. She's into that. And your muffin looks very tasty. I'm getting encouraged to bake right now and have our own dessert.

    Ria C