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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My round fruits

The New Year traditions some of the traditions may be old and may be considered out of date Some are based on superstitious beliefs. And still others are based on pure positive thinking.

 New Year Celebration is all about driving out bad luck or bad spirits and welcoming in good luck for the coming new year. It is a borrowed belief or tradition. One big example of this borrowed tradition is the preparation of 13 different kinds of round and sweet fruits prepare at the dinning table. traditional number of round and sweet fruits being served and prepared during New Year's Eve is 13 If you are a typical Filipino  you will think that 13 is so unlucky and is kind of associated with evil spirits or deeds. But, with this kind of tradition, its not it depends on you.

Anyways were not able to depend on the superstitious however the belief that we have since were born because this is how we do during christmas and new year's eve. here are some fruits i prepared last new years eve. i do also have to cook a food but i did not take a photo to bad my camera
Sd card is full sometimes were not excited to cook a good menu because other than that like me i am the one who ate the food my son does not eat filipino food like spaghitte, adobo, menudo humba, or other food. but he eat the rest of it like noodles and filipino hotdog. because new years  eve
i cook only 3 different kind of food like sticky sweet rice  ( tagalog term. beko, humba, and leche plan, dessert) when the leche plan supposed to place in the steamer a good friend of mine called me and said were going to her house because they had a lot of food so went up there and my dessert
set up there without cooking although we had a good time at their house food is yummy that was new years eve and we had a great time anyways i finish the cooking with my dessert in the morning :-) new year's day :-)  happy New Year to all.



  1. Happy New Year to you, Marie! I hope 2013 will be a good year for you...with the good luck working or otherwise.

  2. Hehe thanks for comments. sorry late reps. same urs too. have a bless 2013